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Bridging the skills gap

CoWA believes that the private sector can work hand in hand with the training institutions to help the youths acquire skills that are marketable and relevant to the labour market. CoWA implements programme to promote market- oriented skill training and job creation for the youth. This has been realized through partnership with TVET institution in

Orientation to Work program

The orientation to work (OTW) is a program that helps to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers. Many jobseekers have technical skills but don’t get jobs because they lack soft skills and networks. CoWA maintains a database of job seekers and employers through which potential employers can post jobs and select jobseekers that fit

Enterprise Development

Youth Enterprise Development The informal sector absorbs more jobseekers than the white collar jobs. It also creates more new jobs each year than the formal sector. It is however characterized by unprofessionalism and little growth. CoWA believes that the informal sector holds the key to the unemployment problem. Youth Enterprise development is geared towards strengthening

CoWA Resource Information Centre (RIC)

CoWA RIC is a one stop shop for youth employment solutions. Youths lack a place where they can access labour information and tools that would facilitate them getting, keeping and growing their jobs.   CoWA RIC offers access to; Current labour market information on jobs. Computers , Wi-Fi, photocopy, scanning, printing and other job seeking

SME Economic strengthening

Economic and social empowerment is an opportunity to free a person from life sentence to dependence, scarcity and marginalization. This can be done by promoting job-creation- through development of sustainable enterprises which have a strong and direct investment on local economics. There’s great need to improve economically the livelihoods of the poor urban and marginalized