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Bridging the skills gap

CoWA believes that the private sector can work hand in hand with the training institutions to help the youths acquire skills that are marketable and relevant to the labour market. CoWA implements programme to promote market- oriented skill training and job creation for the youth. This has been realized through partnership with TVET institution in Kenya (St.Kizito, Eastlands College of technology Imani Marianist, and Lowdar VTI and Thika Technical Training Institution and counter- part TVET institutions in Uganda under the Luigi Giussani Institute of higher Education. Besides ICEP an Austria funded NGO has also played a major role in shaping in skill training in the programme “Skills and work are East Africa Resources “(SWEAR) by introduction of Dual Training system in these institutions in Kenya and Uganda.


CoWA Interventions to Institutions

  • Promotion and advocacy of Dual Training system where students are trained for the job, concurrently in their institutions and in the companies with intention to promote youth employability.
  • Capacity building of trainers to improve their didactic and pedagogic capabilities.
  • Company matching for job placements ,internship, Dual Training or apprenticeship
  • Benchmarking programs for institutions.
  • Exchange programs amongst staff/teacher or students.
  • Employability skills and soft skills training.
  • Advocacy programs for vocational trainings and youth employment.
  • Building evidence on innovative training models in vocational educations through conferences, skills show and symposium i.e. (Dual training Systems)
  • Coordination of task force for vocational education stakeholders in Kenya.
  • Coordination of Human Resource Forums and human Capacity Development Forums to promote youth trainings and employment.


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