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According to the United Nations in the Human Development Index (HDI) 2017 report, the rate of unemployment in Kenya is the highest in the East African region hitting a new high at 39.1 percent. This makes it the highest than its neighbouring Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Unemployment in Kenya is a growing problem especially among the youth and has been the election agenda for almost every politician in the past few elections seasons and still continues to be.

Your support will be valuable in training the youth for the jobs that Kenyan firms offer, through innovative training models like the Dual Training Model. Many youths suffer from skills mismatches but with Dual training, they are trained on the job. Some youths have been to school even university but did not obtain the practical skills that the employers are seeking. Many firms are looking for young people with technical skills to operate machines and oversee manufacturing processes but cannot find them.

There is great need to support and improve the job creation potentials of existing activities but in order to promote real structural transformation of Kenyan economics, new and more productive activities need to be invested to offer diverse job opportunities which, CoWA is advocating through the Key stakeholders in the TVET Task force.

There is need to support the youths to be job creator rather than job seeker. This can be achieved by removing obstacles for local businesses.Incestives to register businesses, support in social insurances, financing innovative business idea and facilitating better infrastructures which encourage small scale production.

With this your support will be appreciated through;

  • Donations
  • Mentorship
  • Partnership
  • Volunteer Positions
  • Through Events, (Business Competitions, Exhibitions)
  • Community activities- sports, Clean ups, Youth festivals, Road shows,
  • Dual training Support (scholarships, Bursaries,
  • In enterprise development in various fields. (Put link to enterprise development in the programs section)
  • Career to work
  • in CoWA strategic areas (linking all the programs here)
  • Business Enterprise Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation(M&E)
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Blogging and Networking
  • Career Counseling
  • Internship


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