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Orientation to Work program

The orientation to work (OTW) is a program that helps to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers. Many jobseekers have technical skills but don’t get jobs because they lack soft skills and networks.

CoWA maintains a database of job seekers and employers through which potential employers can post jobs and select jobseekers that fit their profiles.


The following are services offered in Orientation to Work Program (OTW)

  • Career guidance and counseling trainings sessions students.
  • Human resource Forums for job seekers.
  • One on One career counseling sessions with the job seekers on
    • -How to apply for jobs.
    • -How to write curriculum vitae.
    • -Code of conduct in interview.
    • -How to write a cover letter.
    • -How to do job search.
  • Mentorship Program for job seekers.
  • Peer to peer support groups for job seekers.
  • Company matching for job placements and internships.

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