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SME Economic strengthening

Economic and social empowerment is an opportunity to free a person from life sentence to dependence, scarcity and marginalization. This can be done by promoting job-creation- through development of sustainable enterprises which have a strong and direct investment on local economics.

There’s great need to improve economically the livelihoods of the poor urban and marginalized community so that they can have a sound economic base for the youths in terms of provision of human needs. The process helps the young ones in these community to grow with liberated mind of no to dependency syndrome. Empowered communities also offer jobs to the households where youths are the first beneficiaries

CoWA has always taken the lead through economic strengthening. Empowering organization and individuals and venturing in projects as the implementing partner i.e the implementing partner for economic strengthening activities for AVSI Foundation Kenya, Call Africa and The implementing partner for Economic strengthening and structural development of 3 Vocational institutions in Kenya under ICEP project-Austria funded project.


Training offered

In CoWA Economic strengthening is implemented through the following training

  1. Financial Literacy.
  2. Village Savings and Loan Associations.
  3. Revolving Fund.
  4. Business Skills (Business Model Canvas).
  5. Sector Business (Group Income Generating Activities-GIGA).
  6. Creative Skills Training.

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